draw in

1arrivecome into the station到达;进站

As we reached the stationthe train was just drawing in.我们到达车站时,列车刚好进站。

2bring inattract to participate in or joininduce to enter吸引;吸引参加;引诱

This play is drawing in large crowds every night.这戏每天晚上都吸引着大量观众。

We must draw in the broad masses to take part in the work.我们必须吸引广大群众来参加这项工作。

The prisoner pleaded that he was drawn in to the commission of the crime.囚犯辩解说他是受人引诱而犯罪的。

3pull inbreathe in收进;吸入

The fisherman drew in the net.渔民把网收进来了。

He drew in some fresh air.他吸进一些新鲜空气。

4.(the daysbecome shorterbe more economical(白天)变短;紧缩开支

The days are drawing in as winter approaches.冬季来临了,白昼渐渐变短了。

We must draw in a bit although essential expenditure should not be cut.虽然必要的开支不能削减,但是我们还是要稍为节约点。

I'm getting short of moneyI'll draw in my expenditure.我的钱快用完了,我得要紧缩开支。