draw on

1come near in timegradually approach接近;临近

Winter is drawing on.冬天来临了。

The fateful date drew on.决定命运的日子临近了。

2put on穿上

Help her draw on these bootsIt's raining outside.帮她穿上靴子,外面在下雨。

Hastily John drew on his trousers and rushed out into the street.约翰匆匆忙忙穿上裤子,向街上冲去。

3make use ofmoneyetc.);take or use as a source利用;动用(钱等)

The company can draw on their vast reserves to pay for the project.公司可以动用其雄厚的储备金来支付该工程的费用。

We mustn't draw on our savings.我们不可挪用我们的积蓄。

A writer has to draw on his imagination and experience.作家必须要利用自己的想象力和经历进行创作。

She kept drawing on her bank account to such an extent that the bank soon notified her that she was overdrawn.她不断从银行取款,不久银行就通知她透支了。

Fat reserves are like bank accounts to be drawn on in the winter when food supplies are limited.脂肪储备如同银行里的存款,供冬天食物来源有限时支取使用。

4encourageinduce or make sbcontinue on his course鼓励;诱使某人继续…

Professor Chen encouraged his students to draw on their speeches freely.陈教授鼓励他的学生们继续自由地演讲下去。

She drew him on to tell her about what had happened.她鼓励他说出所发生的事情。

The feeling that he was near his destination drew him on.他感到目的地在望,这鼓励他继续前进。

He drew the monkey on till he brought it into a trap.他引诱猴子直到使它掉进了陷阱。