draw out

1take outpull out取出;拉出;掏出

She drew out her wallet.她掏出了钱包。

He drew out a revolver from his pocket and aimed it at the policeman.他从口袋里掏出一把手枪,向警察瞄准。

2prolong or stretch拖长;拉长

The director drew out his speech to almost two hours.主任洋洋洒洒讲了将近2小时。

This meeting has been drawn out long enough.这次会议拖得够长的。

The singer draws her notes out too much.唱歌者把调子拖得太长了。

He heated the mental and drew it out into a long wire.他将那金属烧热,并把它拉成一根长的金属丝。

3.(of daysbecome longer(指白天)变长

With the approach of spring the days begin to draw out quite noticeably.随着春天来临,白天开始很明显地变长了。

4work outformulate拟定

The committee has drawn out a plan for the building of the city.委员会已经拟定了一个城市建设规划。

I am drawing out a teaching plan.我正在起草一份教学计划。

The general drew out his plan of action.将军拟定了他的作战计划。

5encourage or cause to speak鼓励或使某人说出

The girl was very shybut we managed to draw her out and make her tell us her fiance's name.这女孩很害羞,但我们还是设法使她说出了未婚夫的名字。

6.(a trainmove away from the platform(火车)出站

We missed the train by about a minuteit was drawing out just as we arrived on the platform.我们大约晚了一分钟而误了火车,我们赶到月台时,火车刚刚出站。

7take money from a place of deposit提取存款

She drew some money out from the bank to buy a bicycle for his son.她从银行取出一些钱,给儿子买自行车。

They drew their savings out before they went on holiday.他们在度假前取出了存款。

8developmake known or seen 阐述

The teacher drew out the meaning of the poem to his students.教师给学生们阐述这首诗的意义。