draw up

1preparecomposedrafta legal papercontracttreatyagreementetc.)草拟;制定(合同、协议等)

The lawyer has drawn up the agreement.律师制订了协议书。

The two countries drew up a peace treaty after the war ended.战争结束后两国签订了和平条约。

They have drawn up a contract.他们已经草拟了一份合同。

The plan drawn up by the Party committee has been adopted at the meeting.党委制定的计划已经在会上通过了。

2.(a vehiclecome to a stop(车子)停下来

The police drew up outside the house.警察在房子外面停了车。

A car drew upand a smartly dressed woman got out.小轿车停下了,一个打扮入时的妇女下了车。

3.(of troopsetc.)bring into regular orderset in lineusupassive)(军队等)使排列整齐;列队(通常用被动语态)

The whole company were drawn upprepared for battle.全连已列好阵势,准备战斗。

The troops were drawn upready for inspection.士兵们站好了队,准备接受检阅。

4bring nearpull upon to the shoreetc.)使靠近;拖近;靠岸等

Draw up your chair and let's have a chat.把椅子拉过来,我们聊聊。

The boat was drawn up.船靠岸了。