dream of

1think of or imagine想到

The boy dreams of becoming a pilot.那男孩一心想当飞行员。

I never dreamed of meeting you here.我真想不到能在这儿见到你。

We have achieved what our forefathers never even dreamed of.我们已经取得了我们的祖先连想都没有想过的成就。

2have a dream about梦见

I dreamed of my hometown last night.我昨天梦见了我的老家。

Do you ever dream of me?你梦见过我吗?

3have hopes for sth.;wish for sth.希望;渴望

For centuries man dreamed of achieving vertical flight.几个世纪以来,人类一直渴望达到垂直飞行。

Scientists now have wonderful drugs of which no one could have drcamed years ago.科学家现在已经掌握了几年前没有人能梦想到的灵丹妙药。