dress up

1dress formallyput on smart clothes盛装;穿上漂亮的衣服

The girls all dressed up to take part in the evening party.姑娘们全都打扮起来去参加晚会。

Are you going to dress up for the party?你准备盛装赴会吗?

2make sthor sbseem differentdisguise化装;乔装;伪装

She was dressed up to represent a flowerseller.她把自己化装成一个卖花姑娘。

The prisoners escaped by dressing up as guards.囚犯们伪装成哨兵逃跑了。

3improvemake sthseem better or more important改进;使某物看上去更好或更重要

This scheme should be dressed up to look more attractive.这个计划应该改进一下,使其更有吸引力。

A fresh coat of paint will dress up the old house.刷层新油漆会使这房子旧貌换新颜。

Your proposal is fineDress it up a bit and then send it to the committee.你的建议不错,修改一下再交给委员会。