drink in

1take inabsorb吸收

There is plenty of nitrogen in the air but it cannot be drunk in directly by the plants.空气中有大量的氮,但是植物不能直接吸收。

The thirsty plants drank in the welcome rain.干旱的庄稼吮吸着喜人的雨水。

Although they are oldthey drink in knowledge as young students.虽然他们已经上了年纪,但是他们象年轻学生一样如饥似渴地吸取知识。

2listen with attention to全神贯注地倾听

The boy drank in every word of the sailor's story of his adventures.这男孩全神贯注地倾听那水手讲的冒险故事的每一句话。

Whenever there's any gossip in the neighbourhoodMrs Green drinks it all in and spreads it as fast as she can.无论什么时候,只要街坊四邻有什么闲话,格林太太总是全神贯注地听着,然后又尽可能快地张扬出去。

3take pleasure in giving one's attention toega sight)陶醉于;欣赏(景色等)

We stood on top of the hill drinking in the beautiful view.我们站在小山之巅,欣赏这美丽的景色。

Their thirsty ears drank in the delicious music.他们如痴似醉地倾听那优美动听的音乐。