dry up

1become completely dry干涸

The lake has dried up.那湖干涸了。

2lose inspirationfail to produce wordsstop talking(灵感)枯竭;忘词;说不出话来;停止说话

His power of invention will never dry up.他的创造力永远也不会枯竭。

The play was good but one of the actors was nervous and dried up twice in the second act.戏演得不错,但是有个演员太紧张了,在第2幕里有两次忘了台词。

The speaker suddenly dried up in the middle of his speech.演讲者在讲话中间突然说不出话来。

Dry upDon't say any more!住嘴,别再说了!

I won't dry upI must say something about it.我不会不说话的,我一定得对这件事发表意见。