due to

1caused bybecause ofowing tothanks to由于;因为;由…造成

The accident was due to careless driving.这场车祸是粗心驾驶造成的。

What would you say inflation is mainly due to?你认为通货膨胀的主要原因是什么?

He arrived late due to the storm.他由于暴风雨而来迟了。

2attributable to归于

His success was largely due to his hard work.他的成功在很大程度上归功于他的辛勤劳动。

The credit is due to you.荣誉应该归于你。

Respect is die to older people.年长者应受到尊敬。

The first place is due to the chairman.首席应给主席。

What is the amount due to you?欠你多少钱?

3expected or scheduled to arrive or be readysupposed to do 预期的;应到的;预定的

The train is due to pull in at 530a.m.火车预定早上5点半到达。

Professor Smith is due to give us a lecture at eight tomorrow morning.史密斯教授预定明天上午8点给我们演讲。