ease up

1be relieved from pain 解除痛苦

A doctor's duty is to ease up patients.医生的职责是解除病人的痛苦。

The pain began to ease up after she was grven a sedative.给她用了止痛剂后,疼痛轻多了。

2become less tenserelax 缓和;轻松;放松

The situation should ease up now that the two sides are prepared to talk.既然双方在准备谈判,局势应该缓和了。

I'll be glad when the pressure of work has eased up a little. I'm far too busy at the moment.如果工作压力减轻一点,我会很高兴的,现在我太忙了。

She refused to ease up the least biteven if she was already tired.虽然她已累极了,但她丝毫不肯放松自己的工作。

3slow down;decelerate 放慢;减、速

Ease upwe're going too fast!慢点,我们走得太快了!

The machine eased up.这机器的速度减慢了。

4move alongusuto make space for sbelse)移动(常指为别人让出座位)

They eased up a bit to make room for those without seats.他们移动了一下,腾出地方给没有座位的人。

I wonder if you could ease up a little as there are severla people without seats.有好几个人没有座位,不知你们是否可以挪一挪让出点座位来。