eat up

1finish eating eat all of 吃光

Make sure the children eat their vegetables up!一定要让孩子们把蔬菜吃光。

After working all afternoonwe quickly ate up all of the dinner.我们整整干了一个下午以后,一会儿就把饭吃光了。

2use all ofconsume用完;消耗

Extravagance ate up his inheritance.奢侈的生活耗尽了他继承的遗产。

The central heating eats up a lot of electricity.暖气耗费大量的电力。

Idle talk had eaten up the hour before they knew it.闲谈不知不觉地把他们的时间都耗掉了。

3destroy as if by eatingdistress 毁坏;使苦恼 The mountain flood ate up many buildings.山洪冲毁了许多建筑物。

What's been eating him up lately?近来他为什么一直在苦恼?

The heavy and monotonous job ate him up.繁重而单调的工作使他苦恼烦闷。