encroach on/upon

1intrude onpropertyetc.);go beyond what is right or natural or desirable 侵犯;侵占(财产等);超出正常范围;侵入

We will never allow anybody to encroach upon China'sterritorial integrity and sovereignty.中国的领土和主权绝不允许任何人侵犯。

The army must never encroach upon the people's interests.军队绝不能损害人民的利益。

Never do anything to encroach upon the interests of others for your own good.绝不要做任何损人利己的事情。

I'm sorry to encroach on your timebut I really need your help.很抱歉占用你的时间,但是我确实需要你的帮助。


The sea is encroaching upon the land.海水侵蚀着陆地。