engage with

1attackthe enemy);enter into conflict with 攻击;与…交战

Our army engaged with the enemy at the first light of day.天一破晓,我军就同敌人交了火。

It's very likely that the two countries will engage with each other.很可能这两个国家要发生冲突。

2connect with sthas in machinery(机器)啮合

The engine has stopped because the different parts of the motor are not engaging with one another properly.由于各零件彼此啮合欠佳,发动机停了。

3be busy dealing with 忙于应付;忙于

Most of my time is engaged with theedaytoday work in the office.我的大部分时间都是在办公室处理日常事务。

At present he is engaged with the revision of his book.目前他正忙于修订他那本书。