enter into

1come or go inbegincorrespondenceconversationsnegotiationsetc.)进入;开始(书信、谈话、谈判等)

Shortly after graduation from collegehe entered into business.大学毕业后不久他就进入了商界。

The two old men entered into a long discussion.这两位老人开始了长时间的讨论。

They entered into negotiations with their business rivals.他们开始跟业务上的对手进行谈判。

At that time he entered into correspondence with an American for im provement in the English language.那时候他开始同一位美国人通信以提高英语水平。

2.relate in detailbegin to considerexamine 详述;开始考虑;研究

Without entering into all the advantages and disadvantageswe can see that the plan is feasible.尽管没有详述优缺点,我们也看得出这个计划是可行的。

We can't enter into details at present.我们目前还不能讨论细节。

Let's enter into an elaborate investigation.让我们开始详细调查吧。

3take part in 参加

A catalyst changes the speed of chemical reaction without entering into it.催化剂能改变化学反应的速度而不参加反应。

4form a partbe part of 成为…一部分

Oxygen enters into many compound bodies.氧是许多化合物的组成部分。

5sympathize withunderstandcomprehend同情;理解;深知

I can enter into your feeling at the loss of your father.我能理解你失去父亲后的心情。

She did not enter into my mood.她不体谅我的心情。

All of us have come from developing countriesso we can enter into one another's feelings and views.我们都来自发展中国家,因此能理解彼此的感情和观点。

6come into a state of 进入…状态

The actress acted very well because she has entered into the feelings of her part.这位女演员表演得很好,因为她已经进入了角色。

The country has entered into a state of war.这国家已经进入战争状态。