enter on/upon

1beginan agea careera term of officeetc.)开始(一个时代、生涯、新职务等)

Our country has enteredon a new period.我们国家已进入一个新时期。

After the splendid wedding partythe new couple entered on a new stage of their life.在隆重而壮观的婚礼以后,这对新婚夫妇开始进入了生活的新阶段。

He felt proud when he entered on the duties of his new appointment.当他开始担任新职务时,他感到很自豪。

2begin to considerbegin to deal with 开始考虑;开始研讨

Let's enter upon the question.我们开始讨论这个问题吧。

Once we enter on a questionwe should not easily give it up.一旦我们研究某个问题,就不要轻易放过它。

3. take possession of 得到;占有

She entered upon a large property.她获得了一大笔财产。