fade away

become gradually fainterdisappear slowlylose one's strength逐渐减弱;慢慢消失;衰弱

The sound of cheering faded away in the distance.欢呼声在远处渐渐消失了。

They watched the airplane fading away into the mist.他们看着飞机消失在云雾中。

She became ill and slowly faded away.她生了病,身体便慢慢地衰弱下去。

The old man is just fading away.那个老人的身体在渐渐衰弱。

2retreat or vanish quietly 悄悄地离开 He faded away quietly and we never saw him again.他悄悄地溜掉了,我们再也没有看到他。

He is an expert at fading away away when he isn't needed.他很善于在不需要他的时候悄悄地走开。