fa11 away

1.diminishdecline 减少; 衰落;减弱

The wind fell away and all was calm.风变小了,周围一片寂静。

The number of people coming to the club has fallen away a lot.来俱乐部的人数大大减少了。

Attendances are falling away steadily.出勤率在逐渐下降。

2go awayvanish离开;消失All his old friends fell away from him.老朋友们都疏远了他。

The old customs have fallen away into disuse.这些旧风俗已经废弃了。

3fall out and downdrop away 脱落;落掉

Flowers are falling away.花在凋谢。

The stones have fallen away from the side of the house.房子侧面的石头脱落了。

4decaybetray 变质;背叛

Atrue revolutionary should never fall away in time of danger.一个真正的革命者在危急时刻绝不应该背叛。

Meat is kept from falling away in cold storage.肉放进冷藏库以防变质。

5move back;retreat返回;撤回

He fell back in surprise.他被吓得往后退缩。

Badly beatenthe enemy had to fall back in disorder.敌军被打得一败涂地,乱成一团向后撤退。

As the enemy advancedwe fell back.敌人进攻时我们就后退。

The audience fell back into silence.观众又静了下来。

fall back onupon  1rely onturn to sbfor help依赖;求助于

Doctors sometimes fall back on old cures when modern medicine does not work.当现代药物不管用时,医生有时依靠古老的医疗方法。

It's good to have a friend to fall back on.有个可依靠的朋友是很好的。

When the big bills for his wife's hospital care camehe was glad he had money in the bank to fall back on.当他收到妻子的一大笔住院费的帐单时,他因为银行里有一笔钱而感到欣慰。

We can always fall back upon Bill when we are in difficulties if we can't get anyone else.遇到困难时,如果找不到别人,我们随时都可以求助于比尔。

2.go back to回过来再谈;重提

You must fall back on what you said at the meeting.你必须回过来把会上讲的再说一遍。