fall for

1accept as truebe cheated by信以为真;受骗

You didn't fall for his sad story about his sick wife and childrendid you He told that to everyone just to get sympathy!你没被他那套关于病妻弱子的鬼话所骗吧?他编造给大家听的目的只是为了得到同情。

Don't fall for his tricks!不要轻信他的伎俩!

2become keen on fall in love with热心于;迷恋;爱上

She fell for him in a big way.她非常喜欢他。

He fell for her at first sight.他对她一见钟情。

My wife always falls for the most expensive dresses in the shop!我妻子总是迷恋商店里最昂贵的衣服。