fall in with

1meet sbby chance 偶遇

On our trip we fell in with some interesting people.在这次旅行中我们遇见了一些有趣的人。

We fell in with some French tourists from the same hotel.我们结识了住在同一旅馆的几位法国旅游者。

2joinassociate oneself with 同…合伙;联合

He has fallen in with some strange people.他跟一些奇怪的人勾搭上了。


As soon as he recoveredthe soldier fell in with his company.这战士一恢复健康,就回连队去了。

4. acceptagree with接受;同意

I have decided to fall in with your plan.我已决定接受你的计划。

He will fall in with any suggestion that involves eating and drinking.他对任何关于吃喝方面的建议都会接受的。

She fell in with my views at once.她立即同意了我的观点。

5. coincide withmatch 与…协调;相称

The colour of your coat doesn't seem to fall in with your complexion.你的上衣的颜色与你的肤色不协调。

The idea you put to us fell in exactly with what we our ourselves had in mind.你提出的主意正好与我们头脑里想的一样。