fall into

1come down from a higher place落入

The child fell into the lake and had to be pulled out.小孩落入湖中,必须把他拉上来。

2flow into流入

The river falls into the sea.这条河流入大海。

3formacquire 养成

Don't let children fall into bad habits.不要让孩子养成坏习惯。


He fell into a quarrel with his classmate.他与同学吵了起来。

5be divisible into分成

His book falls into four chapters.他的书分成4章。

6belong to 属于

Things of a kind come togetherpeople of a mind fall into the same group.物以类聚,人以群分。

7pass intoa certain stateetc.)进入(某种状态);陷入

She was so tired that she fell into a doze in the armchair.她十分疲劳,以致于在扶手椅里睡着了。

The company has fallen into extreme difficulties due to the economic depression.这家公司由于经济萧条,陷入了困境。