fall off

1fall from 跌落

When you are learning to ride a bicycleyou often fall off.学骑自行车时,经常会摔下来。

2decline in number lessen in intensity 数量下降;削减

Attendance at church has fallen off this summer.今夏去教堂的人已减少。

Our sales have fallen off seriously during the past six months.我们的销售额在过去的6个月中猛减了。

The number of passengers fell off slightly in January.一月份乘客数量略有减少。

3.decreasedecline in quality降低;衰退;质量下降

Their enthusiasm seems to be falling off a bit.他们的热情似乎小了一点。

His support has greatly fallen off.他的支持明显减少。

The service in this restaurant has been falling off for a long time.这个饭店的服务质量长时间来一直在下降。

Your cooking is falling off.你的烹饪技术越来越不行了。

The quality of the products of this factory has fallen off.这个工厂的产品质量已经下降。