fall onupon

1descend ondrop on befall落在;落到…身上

Snow has fallen on the mountains all night.山上彻夜降了雪。

Tears fell on the letter she was reading.眼泪滴在她正念的那封信上。

All the expenses fell on me.所有开销均由我付。

The responsibility of defending the country falls on all the people.保卫祖国,人人有责。

2attackgo and fight with进攻;袭击

They fell on the enemy vigorously.他们向敌人发起了猛烈的进攻。

The gangsters fell on her from behind the building.歹徒从大楼的后面向她袭击。

3come to pass on or occur ona certain day)适逢

National Day falls on a Sunday this year.今年国庆节适逢一个星期日。

4chance upon偶然碰到;偶然发现

I'm lucky to have fallen upon you.碰到你,真幸运。

His gaze fell upon a small party of men moving up the hillside.他突然看到一小群人向山坡上走去。

5meet withmisfortunedisasteretc.);encounter遭遇

He has fallen on hard times.他遭到了不幸。

She didn't lose heart even though she fell on a bad setback.虽然她遭到严重的挫折,但她仍不灰心。