fall out

1fall accidentally 脱落

As she picked up the envelope,a key fell out.她拾起信封又掉了钥匙。

2be carried away as waste排除(废物)

The dirty water falls out through a pipe into the sea.污水经管道排入大海。


Most married people fallout over money.多数已结婚的人为金钱而闹纠纷。

She's always falling out with her nerghbour.她老是和邻居吵架。

Don't get angry I don't want to fall out with you.别发火!我不想跟你吵架。

4come to pass happen结果是

ThingS fell out well.事情的结果很好。

Don't worryThings will fall out all right in the end.别着急!事情到头来会好转的。

It fell out as we expected.结果正如我们所料。

Everything has fallen out splendidly.一切进展很好。

5leave the ranks or a paradedismiss from the ranks 离队;原地解散

He was told to fall out.他被叫出队列。

Fall out!就地解散!

Although all of them were exhaustednot a single man fell out.虽然他们大家都很疲劳,但是没有一个人掉队。

6withdrawfrom a group of people who are engaged together on some activity)撤出;退出(一伙人所从事的某种活动)

Nine people were working on the projectbut two had to fall out because of illness.原来有9个人接这个项目,但是有两人因病不得不退出来。

Two of the team have fallen outand I don't know who can replace them.已经有两名队员退出,我不知道谁能接替他们。