all out of

1.drop out of从…掉下

Three baby birds fell out of the nest3只幼鸟从窝中掉了下来。

2. cease to enjoy 失去

As the language growsnew words are introduced and many words have fallen out of use.随着语言的发展,新词不断被采用,而许多词不断被废弃。

3give upcease to practice 放弃;不实行

Bad habits are easy to fall into but not so easy to fall out of.坏的习惯养成容易而改掉难。

Now the Chinese people have fallen out of wearing long gowns.现在中国人已经不穿长袍了。

He had to fall out of smoking on account of his baby's health.考虑到他孩子的健康,他不得不戒掉抽烟这个习惯。