get on

1.(cause tobe placed on top of  登上

Get on my shouders and have a look over the fence.爬上我的肩膀,看看围墙那边。

2advancemake progress 进步;进展

You are getting on nicely with your  English.你的英语进步很大。

I'm afraid she isn't getting on very well at school.我担心她在学校的成绩不太好。

How's your broken leg getting on ?你那受伤的腿怎么样了?

Did you get on all right in the exam?你考试顺利吗?

3advance in age or grow older 变老

His white hair and wrinkles are enough to show that he is getting on.他的白发和皱纹足以说明他上岁数了。

They are all getting on but won't admit it.他们都在变老,但就是不服老。

Your parents are getting on in yearsyou should take good care of them.你的父母已经上了年纪,你得好好照顾他们。

She is not very youngshe is getting on to middle age.她不很年轻,快到中年了。

4.(cause to take a place ona  horse bicycleetc.)or ina vehi cle)骑上(马);上(车等)

Only one person at a time is allowed to get on the horse.一次只能让一个人骑上这匹马。

She got on her bicycle and cycled  off quickly.她跨上自行车,飞快地骑走了。

When the old lady got on the bus a young man stood up to offer her his seat.那位老太太上车后,一位年轻人立刻站了起来给她让坐。

5be on good terms 意气相投;相处融洽

They got on with each other very well.他们彼此相处得很好。

It's hard to get on with a suspicious man.和一个多疑的人相处很难。

They get on well at work but not  privately.他们在工作上处得不错,但私人关系不好。

How do you get on with him?你跟他相处得怎么样?

We get on extremely well.我们相处得很融洽。

6 be on one's way 赶路

I must be getting onI'm late already.我必须要赶路,我已迟了。

We'd better get on while there is still light.我们最好趁亮赶路。

7advance in timebecome late (时间)消逝;晚了

Time is getting onShall we go now?时间不早了,我们现在走好吗?

It's getting on We'd better go home.天色渐晚了,我们回家吧。

It's was getting on towards eight  o'clock when he came back home.他到家时已经快8点钟了。

8faremanage 过日子

How are you getting on?你近来日子过得怎样?

9continue doing sth.继续做某事

Don't sit there talkingget on with your work.不要坐在那里聊天,继续干活吧。

They couldn't get on for lack of materials.他们由于缺少材料干不下去了。

10manage to live or work 设法对付;设法过下去;设法干下去

I can hardly get on without your support.没有你的支持我简直干不下去了。

You can't get on without money in  this world.在这个世界上没有钱你休想过下去。

11put on 穿上;戴上

It was cold outside she got her hat and coat on.外面很冷,她戴上帽子,穿上外衣。

12cause to go forward or make  progress使前进;使进步

She is an outstanding teachergood  at getting her pupils.她是位优秀教师,很善于引导学生进步。

13achieve success取得成功;发迹

She is sure to get on in life.她一定会很有出息。

14 used as an exclamation of disbeliefsurpriseetc.用作表示惊讶或不相信

Guess how far I walked yesterday?”“Ten miles?” Nothirty  two miles!”“Get on!”“你猜我昨天走了多少路?”“10英里?”“不对,32英里!”“我不信!”