have one's own way

get one's own waydo or obtain what one wishesespagainst opposition or contrary advice)随心所欲;按自己的意思办事

My wife always wants to have her own waybut this timefor a changeshe is going to do what I say.我妻子总是按她自己的意愿办事,但是这次变了,她要按照我说的去办。

Let him have his own way.随他去吧。

have one's own way to make have to advance in life by one's own efforts自食其力;自立

At the age of twelvehe was left penniless by the death of his fatherso he had his own way to make.在12岁时,他父亲就死了,分文没有留给他,所以他只好自食其力。