out of


Choose one out of these paintings.从这些画中选一幅。

He picked the girl out of the crowd.他从人群中把这女孩挑了出来。

2from the inside to the outside of自内而出

She walked out of the roomall smiles.她笑容满面地从屋子里走了出来。

3froma source)从;自

His dog and cat eat out of the same dish.他的狗和猫从同一盘子里进食。

The teacher gave a test to see what the students got out of the lesson.老师测验学生从课上学到了多少。

4in a place away from不在He is out of town this week.他这星期不在城里。

Our house is ten miles out of town.我们家离镇上有十里路。

5beyond sb's reach在…达不到的地方;非…所能及

The target is out of reach of the gun.那靶子在枪的射程以外。

The train is out of sight now.火车已看不见了。

6withoutnot having没有;缺乏

He is out of work.他失业了。

We are out of firewoodlet's go and gather some.没柴禾了,我们去捡一点吧。

7notnoused up没有

The car has run out of gas.车子没有汽油了。

8because of因;为了

They helped us out of pity.他们出于同情帮助我们。

She asked the question out of curiosity.她出于好奇提出了这个问题。

9by the use of用…做材料

She made a hat out of bits of old materials.她用零碎的旧料子做了一顶帽子。

The house is built out of stone.房子是用石头造的。


The machine is out of control.这台机器失控了。

11from a particular condition or situationnot in脱离某状况;脱离They finally talked him out of his fears.他们终于使他克服了恐惧心理。

The sick man was out of danger at last.病人最后终于脱险。