show up

1make known the real truth about 使了解真相;揭露

The man said that he was a mind readerbut he was shown up a fake.那人说他能知道别人在想什么,但他实际上是一个骗子。

All their deceptions have been shown up by their own deeds.他们的种种欺骗都被自己的行为揭穿了。

2become or make easy to see 使显露

The detective put a chemical on the paperand the fingerprints showed up.侦探在纸上涂了化学试剂,指纹就显示了出来。

The sun shows up the dirt on the windows.阳光下,窗户上的污迹都显露了出来。

3appearcome 出席;到来

We had agreed to meet at the gymbut Larry didn't show up.我们商量好在体育馆见面,但拉里没有来。

We thought that you were never going to show up.我们以为你永远都不会露面了。

He showed up an hour late.他来了,迟到了一小时。

4make sbfeel shame 使…难堪

When we go to dinner parties my husband always shows me up with the rude jokes he tells.每次我们去参加宴会,我丈夫总是开些粗俗的玩笑,使我很难堪。

He showed his parents up rather badly.他给他父母丢尽了脸。

My friend always shows me up by laughing too loudly in the theatre.我朋友总在电影院里放声大笑,使我很尴尬。