walk into

1eat or drink greedily大吃大喝

He walked into a dinner.他狼吞虎咽地吃了一顿晚餐。

The boy walked into a big bowl of chicken soup when the mistress was out visiting a neighbour.那男孩趁女主人出去串门的时候,把一大碗鸡汤喝了个精光。


He walks into us all as if it were our faults.他把我们大家大骂了一顿,好象是我们的过错。

I could hear the director walking into Jim for being late again.我可以听到主任在责骂吉姆又一次迟到。

Henry walked into his attackers.亨利毫不畏惧地向袭击他的人冲去。

3meet with through inattention 由于疏忽而遭到

Mind youdon't walk into a trap!小心,别上当!