wear away

1disappear gradually through wear磨损

The inscriptions on the stones have worn away.石头上的碑文已经被磨损了。

The footsteps of thousands of visitors had worn away the steps.台阶已经被成千上万参观者的脚步磨平了。

2be reduced until it disappears慢慢地消失

He could feel pain again as the medicine wore away.药性消退后,他又感到疼痛了。

My patience is almost worn away by her endless complaints.她不停的抱怨已使我几乎无法忍耐了。

3.(of timepass slowly;(vigouretc.)fade away(时间)慢慢地消逝;(精力等)衰退

Don'k wear away your youth in trifles!不要虚度年华。

The long winter wore away.漫长的冬天过去了。

Being in prison for many years has wore away the prisoner's resistance.多年呆在监狱里已经把那个罪犯的反抗精神给消磨掉了。