wear on

1pass gradually or slowly in time (时间)慢慢地过去;缓缓消逝

The snow will melt as the day wears on.雪随着白天时间的消逝而融化。

As the hours wore onhe grew more and more impatient.时间慢慢地过去,他越来越不耐烦了。


The boys'quarrel wore on all afternoon.孩子们吵吵闹闹,持续了整个下午。

The battle wore on through the night.战斗持续了一夜。

3become angryirritatetire激怒;使恼火;使疲倦

Having to stay indoors all day long is tiresome for the children and wears on their mother's nerves.孩子们整天呆在家里很厌烦,也使得他们的母亲感到焦躁不安。