work out

1plandevelopdevise 计划;发展;设计

We must work out a plan acceptable to all as quickly as we can.我们必须尽快订出一个大家都能接受的计划。

They formed a special group to work out measures for labor protection.他们成立了一个特别小组来制定劳保措施。

2arrive at by calculation 计算;估算

I'll give you five minutes to work out this problem.我给你5分钟来解答这个题目。

Have you worked out what I owe you yet?你把我欠你的钱算出来了吗?

3understand the nature of 理解;看出;判断

It's a very strange situationI can't work it out 这是一种奇怪的情况,我弄不清是怎么回事。

I can't work out the meaning of this poem.我弄不懂这首诗的含义。

For as long as I've known himI've never been able to work him out.我虽然认识他这么久了,但一直摸不透他。

4use upexhaust through exploitation 用尽;枯竭;采掘完

The old mine is completely worked out.那座老矿山已经被开采尽了。

The professor never seems to be worked out.这位教授好象有用不完的精力似的。

She was worked outhaving done the experiment for seven hours running.她连续做了7个小时的实验,已经精疲力竭了。

5solvebring about by workeffort or actionprove effectivepracticable or suitable 解决;通过努力得到圆满解决;证明有效或实用

I can't work this puzzle out.这个难题我解决不了。

Don't despairEverything will work out all right in the end.别灰心!一切最终都会圆满解决的。

The system seems to be working out well.这个制度似乎很有效。

How the experiment will eventually work out only time can tell.试验最后结果如何,只有让时间来说话。

6amount to a total or calculated figure 总计

The car repairs work out at57.汽车修理费总共是57镑。

The cost works out at 8 each.每人的费用是8美元。

7exercise 进行锻炼

The athletes of our university work out at the gym for two hours every day.我们学校的运动员每天在体育馆锻炼两小时。