14.4 so, neither, nor作部分倒装
  表示"也"、"也不" 的句子要部分倒装。    
  Tom can speak French. So can Jack.
  If you won't go, neither will I.

 ---Do you know Jim quarrelled with his brother?
 ---I don't know, _____.
 A. nor don't I care  B. nor do I care  C. I don't care neither  D. I don't care also
答案:B. nor为增补意思"也不关心",因此句子应倒装。A错在用 don't 再次否定, C neither 用法不对且缺乏连词。 D缺乏连词。

  注意: 当so引出的句子用以对上文内容加以证实或肯定时,不可用倒装结构。意为"的确如此"。
  Tom asked me to go to play football and so I did.
  ---It's raining hard.   ---So it is.